Thursday, November 19, 2015


Anyone that has ever tried out for anything, sport or otherwise, knows that the feeling of "anticipation" the day before the team is announced can be almost unbearable. 

As I'm laying in bed thinking about my performance this week, there's been massive growth. Sure I have thoughts of, "where I could've been better" and the, "where I did pretty well," which all get replayed in my head; but what I know is this has been so massively rewarding to be a part of. I love the dog-fight nature this requires of us. Passion, HA! It's almost like that's an understatement if you use that word as a requirement to play this game. It's more like an ideology is being required. 

Nonetheless, it's pure beauty to be involved again and I can have no more influence on whether I'm named on the team or not...So I'll lay my head down, rest, and enjoy the anticipation. 

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