Monday, November 9, 2015

My Inspiration...#WWSD

I posted on FB on 11/1 about growing a Mo for Movember and wanting to raise money for a foundation that has helped many through a challenging fight against Sarcoma cancer, like my friend Sig. 

I want to do more than a simple post so here is my plan and I hope you'll be involved. I made wristbands to show my support of him, as well as a reminder to myself during any difficult times - whether in my pursuit for the Olympics or in life itself, it reminds me that although things are tough, it's all relative.

So can we raise some money!? I will personally send a wristband to the first 50 people who donate $50 or more to (just private message me once you've donated). Also, I'm not just all talk and will be donating a fair bit of dough myself.

Why is he my inspiration?

Throughout the past 22 months he competed in an Ironman, Lavaman (Olympic distance triathlon), and sprint triathlon. He regularly participates in touch rugby and goes to the gym, sometimes two days after chemo treatments! He hasn't let this cancer stop him from doing what he loves. He doesn't let any challenges prevent him from competing or just simply living. 

This has been his journey:

-December of 2103 he was training for an Ironman, and found out he had cancer. 
-Jan - April 2014 underwent first round of chemo. 
-In April 2014, STILL COMPETED IN IRONMAN (even though the chemo caused neuropathy in his hands and feet and lost 50% use of his hands)
-May 2014 radiation began 
-June - Dec 2014 further chemo and radiation because first round was ineffective 
-Jan 2015, cancer is gone in treated area, but three new tumors arise
-March - August 2015 another round of chemo, every three weeks
-Sept -Nov. Radiation
-Nov 2015 three tumors are gone, but one new tumor arises. 
-Has just began 3rd round of radiation as he fights off the new tumor in hopes to avoid more chemo. 

Here are the stats:
-65 radiation treatments
-55 separate chemo days
-20 hyperbolic treatments
-2 blood transfusions 
-3 triathlons completed

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