Wednesday, January 27, 2016

NZ Training week

It's been a fairly good week of training, despite the wet conditions. Quote of the week so far came from Nate, a teammate of mine, he said, "man, this is the worse summer on planet earth!" In context it was quite hilarious:)

Anyways, we had a scrimmage against Scotland yesterday, after a morning training session on our own. It was good and bad. I personally struggle to play against another team when we don't play a real game. In this "scrimmage" the tackle and rucks were not full contact, so stealing possession is near impossible, unless the other team just drops the ball. And when you tag someone as if you would've tackled them, they run a couple extra steps, causing tempers to elevate quite quickly (especially for those competitive-type like me).  

That said, I kept my cool and so did the rest of our team. Apparently our guys got into a bit of a scuffle against Scotland during a scrimmage last season so we were told to be extra careful. You might ask, well, "what's the point!?" It's really just about us getting our systems down against opposition so we can work through some minor details of communication and structure (which probably doesn't mean anything to most people;).

Tomorrow is one last training before we go into the tournament. The stadium is a nice big oval, made to play cricket as well, which means the grass is like a putting green, and there's lots of space between you and the crowd...which has a capacity of 35,000. A little side note, last time I played in this stadium was against Australia during the 15s World Cup in 2011. Looking forward to having better results this time around! 

We are in the pool of death though with four teams ranked in the top 10.  It'll be extremely competitive, but I can without a doubt say we're ready for it. Here is the schedule for day one... 

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