Tuesday, January 19, 2016

So much to catch up on!

Apologies for the massive gap in posting. It's been a hectic time period. I came back from Dubai and South Africa, in which the US became ranked 3rd in the world by the way, and had to figure out my move down to SD in 8 days. Had to pack, find a new apartment, catch up with work, close loose ends at work, and then ultimately drive down, unpack, etc. all while still training. 

That's right I moved to San Diego to train full time with the US team through the Olympics. 

So here we are, the holidays are over, we're into the new year and we're already nearly embarking on the next two tournaments, which are in NZ and Australia. 

We went through two very tough weeks of training with the team. High high volume of running, conditioning and skill development. It was probably the most competitive camp, with the most talented players, I've ever been a part of. The gap and competition between players is constantly narrowing and this team Is only getting better and better. (Even if it costs a few cuts and bruises!)

The traveling team has been named, and I'm again honored to be included in that list of 13 players. Stay tuned for more frequent updates this time around;) 

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