Monday, April 25, 2016

And on the 70th...he ran

It was 70 days after my surgery that I stepped into this contraption, also known as the "Alter G," and began running at 50% of my body weight. The Alter G is a treadmill that you zip yourself into in order to create a pressurized environment that can change the percentages of the weight you bear while running. Pretty amazing how much time you can cut into your rehab using this machine. 

So for the next 3 weeks this is my life. Ten times a week, 2.5 miles at a time, I run in this thing, slowly increasing my body weight percentage. In the meantime, I'm already doing some plyometric work on the field (small jumps and repeated hops) as well as the typical weight/strength training in the gym. Oh yeah, and I have to get my cardiovascular fitness up at the same time, so we do "off feet" conditioning as well (which includes rowing, boxing, heavy ropes, etc). So it's a lot, but the timeline to get back is short so in my mind, it's all worth it. 

We're here on April 25, and in 8 weeks time I need to be as close as I can to full capacity because we start our Olympic training camp on June 20th. I'm looking forward to continuing this challenge every day and staying positive throughout the process. 

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