Wednesday, June 29, 2016

"Pain is only temporary!"

(Photo credit Sarah Sall)

Okay, so we've all heard the quote, 'pain is only temporary.' Well, I happen to wonder the other day if that's true?? 

Typically it's referring to the 'pain' during a grueling training session, which is more a matter of mental pain. But in my case, it's mental and physical, everyday. 

We're beginning our 3rd full week of camp and it's been massive volumes of running, contact, and technical work. Twice a week at least of our yakayard/combat fitness sessions that are meant to break you both ohysically and mentally, as well as weights and running rugby of course. 

Beyond the physical struggle of completing the sessions, there's this damn knee reminding me everyday that it hasn't even been 5 months...asking me, "what are you doing!?"

Pain is only temporary, right!? Well, let's be honest, this type of pain may not be short lived, and definitely adds to the struggle of what we're currently going through...but it's all worth it! Every moment, every day I wake up wondering how I'm going to feel, and every day I have to battle by recovering in between our three session a day, refueling enough to replenish the 5,000 calories we burn,  but again, it's all worth it! 

This opportunity will never come again and I'm trying to enjoy the little moments of success. Appreciate the simple fact that I'm here, training, competing and in some small or big way, part of the US Olympic Rugby team. Appreciate the moments in life you'll never get back, and in reality, that's every day! Stay positive and love the process!  

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