Sunday, June 19, 2016

On the Eve of our Olympic camp

Well, whether I was playing with the team this whole time, or doing what I was with my rehab, all the preparation comes to a head tomorrow. Our training camp for Rio begins on 6/20/2016, as well as our pursuit of an Olympic medal. 

I woke up nervous this morning. It's been a loooooonng time since that's happened for camp. I mean, I was feeling similar thoughts in October when I first came back, but this is different. I don't know what I'm cable of yet. Each week there should only be more upside if I can keep my knee healthy. And so, my nervousness comes from not being able to handle the volume of the training load with my "new knee." 

But my sport psychologist would say, "that's not something you can worry about becuase it's out of your control."

Since he's right, I have to use my self talk to make sure I continue to take one day at a time. If I wake up and I'm just too sore to compete, that's okay. But if i keep going as I have been, and things continue to get better, then what a relief that'll be. But either way it starts with tomorrow and I can only control that much right now.  How I prepare for tomorrow is all I can think about. 

Haha Nice pep talk Kev! I'm basically thinking out loud by writing this blog post right now:) 

My biggest goal of this camp is to stay healthy. Which means I need to take care of my body. Rehydrate, eat well, stretch, show up early and roll out, prehab work, recovery, rehab, video analysis, journal and reading. 

You hear coaches during half time / motivational speeches say, "it's the next 40 minutes for the rest of our lives" (originally from varsity blues if my memory serves me right). Well we've got 6 weeks to prepare for the Olympics, and that is truly "for the rest of our lives." As a team we can come together and do something incredibly special. It'll be interesting how this all and out in the end. But for now, the only focus is on tomorrow;)

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