Tuesday, June 14, 2016

They're back!

The team finished the season 6th overall by taking 3rd place in the last tournament of the season. The guys earned some much needed time off and the majority have been away from the training center for the past couple weeks. 

We started back training together as a team on Monday (6/13) and I was able to do everything on the field with the group. It was my first run around with the team since my injury and I thought I'd be more excited; definitely more emotional about it. 

Either way, it did feel really really good! I felt empowered by the incredible amount of work Brett and I have put in (Brett is the other player who tore his ACL at the same time I did and we've been rehabbing together). The feeling of empowerment breeds confidence. I've been fearless in most of my rehab, but there's still doubt in my ability to be/feel healthy. So any little gain in confidence is huge at this point. I hope that each day it grows and grows so I don't have to worry about the injury or being healthy, and can focus on worrying about making the team for the Olympics!! :) 

But seriously, it's a matter of keeping that fearlessness as we move into the next final steps of our rehab, whilst building confidence in everything new I do. Our official Olympic camp starts next week and although I have some leeway, I hope to participate in everything, including contact, by July 1 at the latest. This is it, the last four months of rehab come down to the next 4 weeks when the team will be selected on July 17th. 

Make or break time (no pun intended). #WinTheDay 

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